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Welcome to www.52outlaw.com! We built this site to showcase the collab wheel and video project between Magnus Walker and fifteen52, as well as all the great things we hope will come. Enjoy.

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Magnus Walker is a bit of an icon when it comes to enthusiasts of older Porsche 911 automobiles. Though a huge fan since age 10 back in Sheffield, UK, it was the 2012 documentary, Urban Outlaw – The Movie, that boosted him from fan to role model/upstart.

“In 1992, at the age of twenty-five, I acquired my first 911,” Magnus states, “and now almost 20 years later and over forty 911 cars later I am living my PORSCHE dream.

“I have done some club racing and instructing with the POC throughout the past ten years. Over the past few years I have been expanding my ’64-’73 early car collection and have been building quite a few ‘sports purpose’ R-ST inspired streetable track-type cars.

“My builds are starting to gain world wide attention, and a few unique touches such as my grafted R turn signals, louvered deck lids, drilled door handles and attention to detail, to name a few, are becoming my ‘signature marks’.”


fifteen52 has been in business since 1996, but since 2010 they’ve been designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality automotive wheels. From outfitting rally and Gymkhana star Ken Block’s race cars, to offering a full portfolio of bespoke forged aluminum wheels, to building and marketing various project vehicles for companies such as Ford and VW, fifteen52 is consistently found on the cutting edge of all things automotive.

“We’re car geeks, for the lack of a better description,” claims fifteen52 co-owners Brad Beardow and Matt Crooke, “and if there’s something cool to be done with an interesting car, we’re down to be involved.

“Yes, we make wheels, but to be honest there’s so much more to what we have to offer. We enjoy almost all car brands, but it’s Porsche cars – specifically the 911 – that inspire us the most. It brings us tremendous pleasure to be around the cars and their owners, and our goal since day one has been to eventually offer products for them.”

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