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Magnus Walker is a bit of an icon when it comes to enthusiasts of older Porsche 911 automobiles. Though a huge Porsche fan since age 10 back in Sheffield, UK, it was the 2012 documentary, Urban Outlaw – The Movie, that boosted him from fan to role model/upstart.

“In 1992, at the age of twenty-five, I acquired my first 911,” Magnus states, “and now almost 20 years later and over forty 911 cars later I am living my PORSCHE dream.

“I have done some club racing and instructing with the POC throughout the past ten years. Over the past few years I have been expanding my ’64-’73 early car collection and have been building quite a few ‘sports purpose’ R-ST inspired streetable track-type cars.

“My builds are starting to gain world wide attention, and a few unique touches, such as my grafted R turn signals, louvered deck lids, drilled door handles, and attention to detail, to name a few, are becoming my ‘signature marks’.”

fifteen52 has been in business since 1996, but since 2010 they’ve been designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality automotive wheels. From outfitting rally and Gymkhana star Ken Block’s race cars, to offering a full portfolio of bespoke forged aluminum wheels, to building and marketing various project vehicles for companies such as Ford and VW, fifteen52 is consistently found on the cutting edge of all things automotive.

“We’re just a couple of car geeks, for the lack of a better description,” claim fifteen52 co-owners Brad Beardow and Matt Crooke, “and if there’s something cool to be done with an interesting car, we’re down to be involved.

“Yes, we make wheels, but to be honest there’s so much more to what we have to offer. We enjoy almost all car brands, but it’s Porsche cars – specifically the 911 – that inspire us the most. It brings us tremendous pleasure to be around the cars and their owners, and our goal since day one has been to eventually offer products for them.”


Though I’ve been sharing for years my love of Porsche’s iconic 911 with anyone willing to give a listen, this is the first time (t-shirts, hats, etc. notwithstanding) I’m putting my name on a product and offering it for sale.

It’s not that I haven’t thought of cool parts I think the market needs, or been approached by manufacturers looking to team up with me – I have – it’s just that I’m about as picky as someone gets when it comes to this sort of thing. And for the most part I’ve been plenty happy doing my own thing to my own cars and not really worrying about whether or not other people approve.

Matt Crooke and Brad Beardow from fifteen52 have been friends of mine for a while now. They’ve been creating killer custom US-made wheels for years and they’re pretty much neighbors of mine here in downtown Los Angeles. They’re also almost as nuts for the Porsche brand as I am, and while we’d casually discussed in the past the idea of coming out with a collab wheel design, up until recently I wasn’t all that sold on the idea. I mean, after all, it’s all been done before, right? Everyone’s pretty much been just copying Porsche wheel designs for years…why go down that road?

A few months ago the 52 boys and I were talking and I casually brought up the idea of a Porsche-inspired design that incorporated a ‘hollow spoke’ element. I figured it could be both familiar and new at the same time. Matt, Brad, and their engineer, Jason, took no time in putting together some renderings to kick around, and in a matter of days we finalized the Urban Outlaw x fifteen52 Outlaw 001 wheel you see here on this site.

On a personal level I think this wheel scratches all the right itches for me. I see it working fantastically on the long hood cars, and in larger sizes it’ll add something special to the new 911s too – especially in a 3-piece version. We’re pretty excited about this new design and we hope you are as well.

Please take a look around the site, check out the various wheel options, and feel free to contact us with any questions. But above all, don’t forget…get out and drive!

Magnus Walker

To be honest, we’ve been pestering Magnus for a long time about teaming up on collab wheel design. He never exactly turned us down, but it was clear from the beginning that all the stars would need to align, design-wise, for the process to get rolling. So it’s pretty much a dream come true for us to be collaborating with Magnus Walker on such a project.

The Outlaw 001 is the very first piece of hardware under the MW/UO name, and we don’t take that fact lightly. As you might imagine it’s been huge fun working with Magnus in fine-tuning all the details for this wheel, but it’s also been something we’ve all taken very seriously.

The Outlaw 001 is pure Magnus Walker in that it’s a design that pays the utmost homage and respect to such an iconic wheel design, while at the same time offering Magnus’ unique and fully complementary perspective. Our ability to take his vision and turn it into an actual wheel that Magnus is happy to both attach his name to and also use on his personal vehicles is something of which we are truly proud.

With a fully forged center and barrel, this new wheel is both strong and light. By incorporating both 2-piece and 3-piece construction techniques, the Outlaw 001 is available in sizes and offsets that simply haven’t been very accessible lately.

We’re very excited to see what sort of feedback we see from both hardcore and more casual Porsche fans, so please feel free to let us know your thoughts.


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