Stanceworks Features New Magnus Walker 964 Build

By 52 Outlaw | Media

Magnus finished his new 964 build just in time to be displayed at the LA Auto Show, but somehow in between those two events, Stancework’s Andrew Ritter managed a little alone time with the latest Magnus Walker creation.


The 964 was a challenge for Magnus in that it represents a more modern (in 1989) approach to the Porsche 911, and in the past, Magnus has focused more on the early cars. Ritter’s photos and writing perfectly illustrate these challenges and exactly how Magnus not only overcame them, but also managed to leave little doubt behind exactly who created this amazing 964.


Each performance modification and retro-modern detail (check out the ‘double-bubble’ roof and perfectly matching nose and tail!) are gorgeously showcased in this Stanceworks feature.


The 964’s custom-finished Outlaw 001 wheels are of course highlighted rather nicely by Andrew.


Check out the full feature article and glorious photo collection here.


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