What set-up is Magnus using for 277?

– Outlaw 001 in 15×7 ET23 up front and 15×8 ET10 in the back.

What set-up is Magnus using for the black 930?

– Outlaw 001 in 15×8 ET10 up front and 15×10 ET-5 in the back (very aggressive fitment).

What set-up is Magnus using for the blue 930?

– Outlaw 001 15×8 ET10 up front and 15×9 ET3 in the back.

What set-up is being used on the black 964?

– Outlaw 001 18×8 ET42 up front and 18×9.5 ET40 in the back (aggressive fitment; requires narrow tires).

What if I don’t know what sizes/offsets fit my car?

– We’re here to help. Though we offer the Outlaw 001 in OE sizes and offsets, feel free to send us an email for extra assistance.

What finish options are available? Do you offer custom colors?

– We offer single-color silver, black, and gold (gloss or matte), or for an extra charge we offer two-color silver/black, gold/black, and gloss black/matte black combos. We do not offer custom color options at this time.

Are the wheels painted or powder-coated?

– The Outlaw 001 is powder-coated for single-color finishes, and two-color finishes have a powder-coated base and painted petal/rim finish.

How much do these wheels weigh?

– It depends on variables such as wheel width and offset, but you can expect to see approximately 1-lb per inch of wheel diameter.

Where can I order? How does the process work?

– You can call us at 213.373.1552, email us at 52outlaw@wearefifteen52.com, or – if you know what you want – you can use our online store here. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of ordering, with the balance due upon completion of your order.

How long does it take for me to receive the wheels after I order them?

– You can expect a build time of approximately 6 to 8 weeks. While we do keep all center forgings and wheel hoops in stock, these are custom built wheels and the build process is quite involved.

Why are center caps optional?

– Many Porsche owners (such as our own Magnus Walker) prefer to use their wheels without center caps, so we offer customers a choice to purchase them separately. Or not.

is the 3-piece Outlaw 001 available now?

– Yes! The more customized nature of a 3-piece design requires more assistance on our part. Please feel free to call or email us regarding 3-piece wheel options and pricing.

Can I order a non-Porsche PCD (bolt pattern)?

– Much like the OE Porsche designs, the Outlaw 001 maintains the 5×130 PCD as an integral element of its design and engineering. We will not offer our wheel in non-Porsche applications.

Do you ship overseas?

– Yes. We use primarily Fed Ex, but we can provide several overseas shipping options.

Do you have a dealer network I can use for purchasing?

– We are currently sorting a select dealer network, but for now feel free to have your business of choice contact us regarding wholesale opportunities.

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